Type /recycler in chat to use the VIP portable recycler. To bind the recycler to a key, press F1 and type bind <key> chat.say /recycler

VIP is a one-time payment and is valid on all EvolvedPVE servers! click here for VIP perks and other details.

Rust is an ever-changing and expanding game that requires a monthly wipe. These wipes are to apply changes that would otherwise break the game. Wipes are essentially a fresh start, it removes all player and world data to allow changes and updates to take effect. Servers wipe during these periods which are typically the first Thursday of every month. If this were to change so too would our wipe schedule as it's in line with that of official game wipes.

You can send us an application here! We appreciate your consideration and look forward to reaching out to you!

You can send us a support ticket here, select the player report category and give us as much details as possible regarding your report.

Reach out to Skillz in our Discord server.

type /info in chat to see a full list of commands and other helpful information.

On our modded server, backpacks add an extension to your current inventory size.
To use your backpack type /backpack in chat or open console F1 and type bind <key> "backpack.open"

You can leave your suggestions in our Discord server in the #suggestions channel.

Use the #support channel on our Discord server to report any issues you may find on our server.

The colored names you see in chat represent different roles within the EvolvedPVE community.

  • Blue: new players.
  • Gray: verified ranked players.
  • Yellow: vip ranked players.
  • Cyan: staff members.

The full set of rules are located here.

In-game you can access the most important rules through the /info command. Rules category on the left side.

The full player backpack can be unlocked with VIP.

No, We wipe our blueprints with every new map we put on the server. Only if we keep the same map, you'll keep your blueprints.

You can check the status of any of our servers on our status page here. You'll see a circle after each service with 1 of 3 colors. Green (online), Orange (restarting), Red (offline).

In the event of a crash, the server will automatically attempt to correct the issue and restart itself within 10 minutes. Althought rare, sometimes it's unable to do so which then a technician will intervene to correct the issue manually.

Chances are, if the server you're trying to connect to is rejecting your connection, it's likely undergoing maintenance. Maintenance typically lasts about 5 minutes and happens a couple times a week, typically on Mondays and Thursdays.

If the server shows online and you're unable to connect there could be ongoing Steam issues or your local network connection is experiencing issues. You can check the status of Steam at https://steamstat.us/

Join our Discord to keep up to date on outages and maintenance.


Public monuments (i.e. Oil Rigs or Military Tunnels) and server events, like the Attack Helicopter or Bradley APC spawning, are server-wide events in public spaces and typically aren't meant to be solo'd. If others want to participate there's nothing you can do about it, they want to have fun, the same as you. Compromise is a big part of playing on a community server.

Steam has hundreds of servers that form it's authentication system and outages could vary based on region and location. This is why only a few players can be affected at once. Try restarting Steam. If that doesn't work, give it 10 minutes before trying to reconnect to avoid a temporary EAC ban.

The EAC Temporary Server Ban is typically due to packet loss (i.e. connection timed out, authentication timed out, and excessive packet loss). This is a Temporary EasyAntiCheat (EAC) ban. It is not a ban we can remove on our end. Simply wait the required 15 minutes and reconnect to the server.

Camping is when a player, or their team, loots and then logs out or remains inactive (AFK or idles) in concentrated loot areas and returns to active gameplay to take said loot when it respawns. Loot camping applies to monuments and timed server events, including Patrol Helicopter, Oil Rig, and Bradley APC.

Server Rule: No camping loot rooms, monuments, or any highly concentrated areas.

Players online at the same time as you are often trying to do the same things you are - at the same time. While you may see them at a few of the same spots, it doesn't necessarily mean they are "hogging" the loot. This is especially true on the server during peak player hours.

Compromise is a big part of playing on a community server. Players are encouraged to jointly participate in events, share the loot, and be courteous to others who are simply trying to enjoy the game, the same as you.

If you feel that a player or team is unfairly hoarding monuments/events on the server (i.e. the player repeatedly prevent others from participating and looting), please send us a support ticket under player report.

A staff member will review appropriate server logs and ask you to provide additional details, if needed. A staff member does not need to be logged in on the server to investigate a player report. If the report is valid the staff member will take the following actions:

  • If no prior warnings are on the player's account, a staff member will speak to the player privately to ensure they are aware of the rule and our expectation they follow it.
  • On a second occurrence, an in-game warning is issued. Players are unable to interact on the server until they indicate they understand and agree to the rule.

Each staff interaction and warning is logged and remains a permanent part of the player's profile. All staff has access to a player's history and will see any previous warnings (i.e. stealing, camping, political verbiage, disrespect...) on the account when handling player reports.

  • Formal actions (server mute, kick or ban) are taken when a player continues to break the rules, after they have been warned by a staff member.
  • For serious offenses (i.e. racism, harassment, sexism, or ongoing disruption of the server) an immediate warning or ban is issued to the player and is applied across all Evolved Network servers.

Sleepers are automatically killed after 20 minutes inside a safe zone (Bandit camp, Barn, Fishing Village, and Outpost). This is an intended part of the game itself - not a server modification. If you log out in a safe zone, you have to reconnect within that timeframe to move out of there. If you log out in a loot room, you are automatically killed when the loot respawns. The only safe place to log out is inside your own secured base!

Any ban may be appealed through the Tickets system on our website. There is no format for appealing as we can easily pull up your account via your profile. To appeal, simply start a ticket in the Ban Appeals category.

That depends on what you have. The despawn timer for the backpack varies according to the highest tier of item contained.

When you die your corpse will remain for 5 minutes and then switch to a camouflaged backpack. If your best item is a Torch, the backpack will despawn in 10 minutes after your death (5 min corpse + 5 min backpack). If you died with an M249 in your inventory, the backpack will despawn in 65 minutes (5 min corpse + 60 min backpack). Be sure to thoroughly search the area where you died! The camouflaged backpack can be dificult to locate in some terrains.

When you have VIP, your extra backpack will not drop upon death.

Gray satchels can be found where a base has significantly decayed or was removed by staff due to the player being banned. These satchels are fair game and free for all. Anything left inside any remaining structures, be it furnaces, boxes, or deployables of any sort are not and should be left alone.

You cannot change your username manually, but you can send us a request to do so for you at our Tickets system using the Update Data Request category. We enforce usernames so it reflects your actual Steam name.

We do not allow manual accounts. If you're having issues registering through Steam please let us know on our Discord.

If you're experiencing issues with a store purchase, please send us a support ticket using the Payment Issues category.

You cannot delete your account manually. Please contact us on our Discord to request account deletion or to retrieve and remove any personal information we have stored. Account deletions are irreversible!

Yes and we absolutely appreciate any and all donations! You can simply donate to the following PayPal email address: donate@lyferadio.com - Please leave a note letting us know it is a donation for EvolvedPVE.

Store purchases are a one-time thing and lasts until they're gone if that's by death or other natural causes, including wipes. The VIP rank is permanent and does last forever.

Depending on the circumstances we do offer refunds. To see if you're eligible send us a request on our Discord #support section.

You'll need to link your Discord account in-game for your rank to sync.

1) Login to our game server. (EvolvedPVE)
2) Once online, type /auth in chat.
3) You'll get a code response.
4) Join our Discord server, and Direct Message the EvolvedAuth discord bot..
5) Message the bot the code shown in-game chat.

Now the bot will update your ranks in the Discord to the ones reflecting in-game.

All events, news, and announcements are posted in the #announcements channel.

This information is available in the #info channel and a short summary can be found below.

  • Respect everyone regardless of their roles.
  • Spam in any capacity will not be tolerated.
  • Harassment, hate speech, racism or abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Links and images may not contain pornography, racism or controversial imagery, reference or not.
  • You may promote yourself in #advertisements once every 24 hours. You may not promote communities.

Not currently, though we do plan on adding exclusive Discord-only perks to boosters.


Any user messaging you on Discord that claims you won something, or were entered in a giveaway, please ignore them. They're bots looking to steal your Steam and Discord accounts. Our giveaways are always done via #giveaways and we DM your prize directly to you. We will never prompt you to visit an external link or ask you to provide any account information. If you come across one of these DMs and that bot/user is in our server, please report them in #support so we can swiftly remove them.

Do your part and never click on links from anyone unless you 100% trust the user. Even then, be cautious and Google the URL first to see if it doesn't come up to any scam warnings.